Thursday, November 8, 2018

Vector Illustration Wins the Vote!

When the U.S. Government Printing Office decided to rebrand their "Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government" website, the project's design team called on Shawn Finley Studios to illustrate the site with vector art built in Adobe Illustrator. Vector art was a natural fit for the website, allowing the new Ben Franklin character and backgrounds to be easily scaled and employed in web games and animations.
If your next web or print project could use some highly versatile vector art or character designs, call Shawn Finley Studios to get your campaign rolling!
(TOP IMAGE: Ben's Guide splash page. MIDDLE IMAGE: Ben Franklin character design turnarounds. BOTTOM IMAGE: Screenshot from "Branch -O- Mania" web game.)

"Ben's Guide" is a website aimed at teaching kids about the various functions of the U.S. Government. Check it out here or view more art at